Looking for the best Mothers Day rings? Your mom, wife or grandma will be thrilled with any of these delightful rings for mom – whether you give it to her on Mother’s Day, her birthday, Christmas or any special occasion! A mothers ring is a classic gift that mothers and grandmothers always love to receive. Lifetime Mothers has unique mothers rings in a wide variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary to modern. A mothers birthstone ring celebrates each family member with a genuine or lab created gemstone. Modern birthstone ring styles include the Ava Mother’s Ring, The Ava ring features personalization for four 2.0 mm round birthstones, and one 7 x 3.5 mm navette center stone for Mom. Choose 10kt or 14kt, yellow or white gold. This mother’s ring is available with simulated or genuine birthstones. This ring is always set with five birthstones. Import. And engrave up to 10 characters per engraving area. Ava Mother's Ring Sophisticate Mother's RingBella Mother's Ring

Magnetic  BraceletMagnetic  Bracelet

I’m wearing one right now. For about two weeks, in fact, and I haven’t really felt anything different. Although, I suppose it takes a little longer.There’s plenty of stories out there praising such devices, and I don’t think all of them are false. My own mother, for instance, and her mother, both have stories of how it took away pain, and when they took the bracelet off, the pain came back again. They have absolutely no reason to lie, and I know for certain they wouldn’t lie about it. It’s huge in Asia. In Taipei this summer a friend bought a magnetic therapy bracelet that has a pendant with a couple of magnets in it, and you can really feel your circulation change when you wear it. It was expensive and she bought it for fashion and as a curiosity since they said it would help with balance. In Asia (Taiwan, China, etc) everyone is wearing these magnet bracelets and necklaces.

car exportMarine Transport Logistics, Inc., was founded in 1993 in New York, USA. It is a company of marine transport logistics organizing cargo transportation and warehousing, sea and air freight forwarding, cargo consolidation services, container loading, and multimodal transportation services. It’s also a door to door service and they will assist you arranging import and export and customs documents. Their highly trained and experienced professionals will provide you quality service and assist you achieve your car export in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


The style of machine with a tee shaped bed is commonly known as a ” planer-type boring mill “. In the U.K. Collett and Englehard are (were) a well respected builder of horizontal boring machines but they have been taken over by a German machine tool re-builder. I’ve worked on a few of these type of machines and I personally like this style however this type of machine has good and bad points.

Large, strong worktable with large capacity that doesn’t overhang the bed at any point. Very rigid design allows heavy cuts. This also means the foundations don’t have to be as extensive (and expensive ) as on a standard boring mill. They also tend to hold their alignments for longer periods of time.

I have a G-Shock G-300 that I have had for years (purchased locally in Dec 2005). I wear it for work everyday and I has never missed a beat, even though it gets bashed around and sometimes coated in oil and grease and other muck. I have found them pretty much indestructible. I couldnt be happier, and all my friends and colleagues tend to wear the same watch without problems.

I love these G-shock watches, the different models and the fact that it is still on the original battery. Another big plus is the size (length) of the wrist band.

G-Shock G-300

I don’t know about you, but to me the hardest part when developing a site is having to work on web design.

It is not because I dislike it, but mostly due to loads of time required to create graphics, typography and designs that suits me.

I found that a good way to speed up the process is to use imcreator.com to create a web site for free. It is a simple and elegant website builder that is used by expert and skilled web designers.

So whether you are a novice in web design or a qualified professional, you can build a website for free with IM Creator.


uberstandI have an UberStand, and like it. It’s plenty sturdy, and unlike other similar stands, it folds down to be carried into it’s own, flat, carrying bag (included). All the others I’ve seen are bulky PITAs, as far as transporting them goes. The build with UberStand seems to be alot more solid also.  There are other laptop stand at musicians friend but if you want if you want portability and easy set up, tear down, and transport get the Stanton UberStand Laptop.

Im excited. Avid is my main NLE both at home and at work (although were still rocking 5.5 at work) Just waiting till the weekend to try it out. Not a huge rewrite or anything but some very welcome features, mainly REAL background transcode, not transcode that stops when you start to work ala FCPX. Cant wait to see that work in the real world. Also the built in LUT and frame flex thats keyframeable is gonna be sweet.  FWIW, going into FX mode can be made with one key command (mine is shift-y) where in FCP 7 you have to double click and tab over.  Actually more steps the FCP 7 way. The mode to mode thing used to bug me, too; but when I got a little more simpatico with the software, it disappeared as an issue. You begin to understand that it is there so that you can operate more efficiently in the mode you happen to be in. It also has become so easy to cross between them, mouse-wise, that I don’t think about it much. You can save on avid. Its one of the joys of Media Composer.  



My uncle is a restaurant owner and got to know some military officers on a fairly personal level. I forget what the exact circumstances were, but one of them had given him a military coin as a token of appreciation that he always keeps in his wallet. It’s this beautiful ornate medal. Anyway, without getting into specifics, it’s helped him out a lot. Very cool indeed.


I bought my V-MODA True Blood O Positive Vocal headphone based on the reviews, and they did not disappoint. The bass is awesome, everything is crystal clear, and I heard details in songs that I’d never noticed before in 3,000 times of hearing them.

They also have other cheap earphones that also seem to get great reviews, which I’ll probably spring for if I ever lost or broke the ones I have.